At Work in the Dark

  • By  Ian
  • 30 November, 2017
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The dark nights have dropped their blanket on us and the cold weather has arrived too. ┬áIt’s easy to get bogged down in that oh-dear-it’s-winter-let’s-do-nothing, feeling. The temptation is to come in from work and blob in front of the TV before rolling into bed. A kind of semi-hibernation.

Late December has Christmas to force some kind of social interaction and activity (if opening presents and eating/drinking too much can be classed as activity).

But here in the UK there’s nothing special about late November. Despite the push by US tech firms we’ve yet to adopt Thanksgiving, only having the dreaded Black Friday to deal with: more shopping! Agh!

Anyway, rather than succumb to the late autumn/early winter doldrums I’ve been busy this year. Set myself a target of drafting three screenplays by the start of 2018. I’ve actually got two written so far, which is encouraging.

No idea what I’m going to do with them but it has been fun to be (mentally) active in the dark nights.

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