We can provide customised courses for individuals, small groups or businesses. These workshops are designed to unlock and develop a writer’s creative potential.

Although costs will vary depending on the course design, the usual fees are £50 an hour, £250 a day or £950 for a 5 day week. Friday evening to Sunday evening weekends are charged at £650.

We also offer critiques of fiction, (some) non-fiction, poetry and scripts but we are currently unable to accept full-length manuscripts due to workload. We can see students in North Lancashire/Cumbria for one-to-one tutorials looking at an excerpt of a novel/full-length play or complete shorter pieces. For this we will need an advanced hard copy of the work (or we can print an email attachment at 15p per page).

One-to-one sessions cost £50 per hour or £28 per half hour. Editing pages in preparation for a tutorial is charged at £3 per page.

Please contact us for specific details.