Fell Tale Times

  • By  Ian
  • 28 September, 2017
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Great as it is to  drop into a Lake District cafe for tea and cake  (even better, there are some fabulous pubs for a pint or two of real ale), it’s much more fun doing it after a nice walk.

And in Cumbria there are walks everywhere: riverside strolls in towns like Ambleside and Kendal. Or short cross-field rambles that take in a few tea shops.

But more interesting are ones that get away from the built-up areas and into the hills. Off across the fells.

They don’t have to be mega expeditions that take hours and hours, crossing ravines and up slippery ridges (though those can be fun given enough time and equipment). Even a short hike from Ambleside can be enough.

A particular favourite is High Sweden Bridge. This is a moderate walk that has few steep sections, great views and best of all, the sensation that you are away from the rest of civilised world. Out of touch with the traffic and noise and shops of England.

And because it is not an expert level hike, most people can do it. Within a matter of minutes they are out of town and surrounded by hills. It is the perfect activity on a dry day in late September.

So that was what we did last weekend. We took a few friends to High Sweden Bridge, enjoyed the view and had a snack. Got out into the countryside and made the most of the Lake District.

And then we went for tea and cake.

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