Karate Chop & Minna Needs Rehearsal Space by Dorthe Nors

  • By  Ian
  • 7 May, 2017
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I’ve just finished reading this. It’s the best thing I’ve read in ages.

It’s quite a oddity, being a book of two halves: a collection of short stories and a novella. The two parts are stylistically quite different but they have a common overarching theme. They are all about real people facing life’s challenges. Separation, death and loneliness. Ordinary men and women facing the highs and lows of life. Each is touched by loss or regret or despair and yet they have beauty or love or wonder as well.

In the novella, Minna needs rehearsal space, Minna is dumped by her boyfriend via text and realises her life is going nowhere. She decides to face up to some of her problems, then goes on a physical and emotional journey. The short stories are quite varied but all touch on some of lives peculiarities.

The writing in both halves is sharp and precise with no words wasted, the novella being set out in an usual layout as well. Not everything is spelled out and you have to read between the lines, especially with the slightly opaque endings.

The characters are believable and their mistakes understandable. Though there is a feeling of melancholy there are moments of humour and some clever insights. The locations in have plenty of details to give realism without becoming travel guides. All in all, its an excellent collection.

If you like an easy read this is not for you, but if you like to think hard about your reading, this is a great choice.

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