Roll On, Autumn

  • By  Ian
  • 30 August, 2017
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We’re nearly at the end of summer and into autumn, September marking that back-to-school, darkening-nights period. It has felt like a decent summer though: a nice lengthy spell of sun and light nights. Not hot, but dry and warm enough to spend time outside.

This feeling was helped by a trip to Tenerife in April. While the UK was still down in the low teens, the Canary Islands basked in thirty-degree-plus sunshine. Lovely.

But it has also been a chaotic summer.

Building work meant we had to move out of our house. Pack up and relocate. Redundancies at work led to frequent meetings as job roles were reallocated and, as well as generating tension, there was extra (tedious) admin. Then we moved back into our house with all the cleaning and organising that needed to be done.

These weren’t kind of things exciting enough to inspire writing, but big enough to be disruptive.

So, summer has almost gone (another few weeks, in theory) but the unsettling changes have hopefully ended as well. No more excuses for the poor word output and missed writing targets.

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