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  • By  Ian
  • 16 November, 2017
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Between drafts of the Blasphemous Isle, the latest Northumbrian Western novel, I’ve been working on a script.

This takes me back to my early writing. I had a stage play performed professionally just over ten years ago. It was a great experience but then I decided I wanted to write novels and the following decade was swallowed up by the Northumbrian Westerns (along with work, another child being born, finishing a PhD…).

Anyway, I’ve now decided to, temporarily, go back to writing for the stage or screen or radio (and I have written, but often not finished, a number of screenplays and film and radio scripts in the past so it is a revisit rather than new direction). There actually seem to be a few ideas popping up together.

So the first one I’m busy with is for the screen. There’s a fair chance it will never be produced, due to the costs of making a TV drama or film, but it’s the journey that matters, sometimes. ¬†After writing and finishing two novels it feels like a refreshingly rapid process. Within a few weeks the first draft has been knocked together, rough as it is. I’ve now got 68 pages of scenes and dialogue and directions. It’s not quite workable but another draft or two should make something more decent.

Then I might write a stage play. There are always opportunities for theatre scripts, such as the ones on the BBC Writers’ Room website. Actors need scripts and cheap (or free) ones are always welcome, rather than theatre groups having to recycle the usual repertoire.

And for me, it’s a nice change to working on novels. Maybe I should stick with this for a while?

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