Script Room Submission

  • By  Ian
  • 18 December, 2017
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For most people, Christmas is about having a break. A holiday at the darkest time of the year when overeating and drinking is seen as okay. There are office parties and meals out with friends. All that kind of indulgence and unwinding.

It is also when the BBC have their Writersroom, Drama Script Room submissions (what a title!)

These days the BBC only does this for a few weeks, rather than the open-ended submission process they used to have. So, between 11th December 2017 and 15th January 2018 they will accept unsolicited submission of scripts and screenplays for a number of different formats: TV, film, radio, stage or on-line.

Anyone can send in one piece of work and they’ll look at it: yes, only one per person. And it has to be the correct format, but otherwise, anything goes. There is a later submission window for comedy, usually late January until April-May, if there is a piece that fits more into that classification.

With this being the only time the BBC will look at drama before late 2018, I’m tidying up a screenplay I’ve been working on and will submit in the coming week.

Then the eating, drinking and partying can really start.

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