Seaside Holiday

  • By  Ian
  • 18 August, 2017
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As happens every year, I didn’t write anything while I was away on holiday. Not a word for ten days.

My excuse is that it’s hard to get out a laptop, or even a notebook when you are on the beach with the family. Or watching a film together in the evening. Or having dinner out. Or anytime, really. It just never feels quite right.

I suppose that’s okay because it is meant to be a holiday, a break from everything normal, and it’s only once a year. But afterwards I find it hard to get back into the writing thing: pick up plots and characters and dialogue. Even sitting down and slapping out a few hundred random words can be tricky when there has been a substantial break. Maybe it’s just me, but I seem to lose my mojo, or something.

Anyway, there is a solution: the three-step ease-in.

First I read something decent, a couple of chapters from a novel or some short stories or poems. Anything that’s not emails or Facebook or Twitter or the news. Next, I write a short piece about stuff I’ve been up to or how I feel. Like I’m doing here. Finally I return to whatever creative project is current – the novel Blasphemous Isle, at the moment – and write from where I left off. Then, that’s it. I’m back.

Really, I should keep a journal or diary or notebook going all the time. But I never do. Having a break from writing seems to be vital for me. And, so far, I’ve always picked it up again after the gap.

So far.

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