Snowy Moonscape

Writing is a lonely business. By the nature of it, there are many hours facing the page, type-writer or computer all alone, not interacting with anyone. Of course, that is part of the deal – you do have to write, after all, and that time working on your material is what makes it worth reading, hopefully.

But it’s not great for inspiration. Imagination is a wonderful thing but it works much better when it’s stimulated by real experiences.

With that in mind, and for a break from academia and various writing projects, I set off for the Cairngorms with a group of friends.

The mountains of the Scottish Highlands really are amazing. You’d think that living in the Lake District would quench any thirst for high places, but the Grampians are so much bigger and wilder than the fells of Cumbria. At this time of year it really is wild: thick snow, gale-force winds and driving hail.

It has also been great to be part of a group, for once. Instead of being the lonely writer there’s a sense of camaraderie that is heightened by shared experiences in difficult situations.

So, plenty of images and ideas. And a surprising amount of fun.


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