Time’s Up

  • By  Ian
  • 10 January, 2018
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There are only a few days left of the BBC’s once a year, drama script submission window.

It ends on Monday 15th January at 5pm, so time is almost up. This is the only occasion in 2018 (apart from December, perhaps) that the BBC will be looking at unsolicited drama scripts.

Of course, there is only a microscopic chance that they will use anything that we send in. As with most writing competitions (and though the BBC point out that this isn’t a competition, there is a fair degree of competing going on), there will be loads of submissions, in this case hoping for recognition rather than a cash prize. ¬†Because recognition by the BBC is worth much more than a few hundred quid. There are mentoring schemes and opportunities to network, as well as the chance of getting something broadcast on TV/radio, alongside the kudos that the BBC name brings.

And it’s free. The worst that can happen is: nothing. If they don’t like your script you’ll never hear (much) from them again. You could even pretend that you didn’t get round to submitting.

It’s only one script per person, so choose wisely, but this is such a great opportunity it shouldn’t be missed.

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