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  • By  Ian
  • 27 October, 2017
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Writers want to get published. That’s a fact, isn’t it?

It’s the thing that proves that you are a writer – having your words in print. Holding a pamphlet of your verse or a copy of a novel. It tells the world, ‘I am a writer, and this is what I do.’

But getting published is a tricky game. The market is fickle and publishers don’t really want to take a risk. It’s expensive launching a book or even running off a few hundred of copies of poems. They are running businesses and want a return on their investment.

This means you have to appeal to the reader. Write something commercial to break into the market. This has always been the case, but has probably got worse now with Kindle and other ebooks taking the bottom out of the market. Cheap books mean no profits and nothing to reinvest. Amazon has loads of money but isn’t hunting for talent – they let the writers do the donkey work.

So writers try to guess what people will like and produce predictable, genre-specific, mainstream work. Or make an ebook and promote like crazy, which is not really what writers are meant to do, is it?

But there is an alternative.

Don’t worry about getting published. Forget about having your work in print at all. Every now and then just write something crazy. Something odd and risky – just for you. Or that you’ll delete as soon as you finish it. No pressure to redraft or revise. Write for fun and enjoy the journey.

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